VHSL Physicals and Insurance: No student may participate in practices, try-outs, conditioning or games unless he/she has a current VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physician’s Certificate form dated after May 1st of the current school year through June 30th of the succeeding year. These forms are filed in the activities office for the school year.

Academics: All student athletes are required to be enrolled in, and pass, at least five credited courses during the current and previous semester or school year. Plus, all student athletes must abide by the Suffolk Public Schools academic rule. (Any athlete must have an overall or previous semester GPA of 2.0)

Attendance: Students must reside with at parent or guardian in the Nansemond River zone.-Athletes must attend ½ day of school to participate in contests, practice, or conditioning.

Suspension: Suspended students are ineligible during the assigned suspension.

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