Congratulations Ms. Kemp & Mr. Bartholomew, W!se Gold Star teachers!

wiseThis week, W!SE announced the Gold Star Teachers for the 2016-2017 school year. To be considered for the Gold Star award, a teacher must achieve at least a 93% pass rate in at least one of their classes on the nationally standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test. Congratulations to our Gold Star teachers, Jason Bartholomew and Melissa Kemp!

W!SE (Working in Support of Education) is the industry credential that is administered to students enrolled in Economics and Personal Finance.  Launched in New York City, this non-profit organization is dedicated to personal finance education and is designed to promote financial education nationwide.  This financial literacy program provides high school students with the knowledge and skills that are critical to a life of financial well-being.  Students demonstrate their knowledge of the subject through a nationally standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test.  Students who pass the test become Certified Financially Literate™ by W!SE.

Congratulations to Ms. Kemp and Mr. Bartholomew and their students!